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      How to solve oil immersed transformer oil pillow to oil spill?

      Baoding oil-immersed transformer is one of the most common transformer types. Its biggest characteristic is that oil-immersed transformer is installed in the oil tank filled with transformer oil, and the oil tank is welded with steel plate. In the operation of oil-immersed transformer, leakage oil is a common fault problem, and the oil level of transformer oil is up and overflow. What about the oil-immersed transformer oil pillow to spill oil? How to solve it?

      It is necessary to take relevant measures to solve the problem in time to avoid serious consequences. The solution of oil-immersed transformer oil pillow to oil spill is:


      1. Check and adjust the power supply load of the transformer, so as to avoid the internal heating of the transformer caused by overloading and load imbalance, causing the oil level to rise.


      2. Check whether the transformer clamping bolt is loose and prevent active load of current due to increase of magnetic resistance.


      3. For large-capacity transformer, the suction humidifier can be added at the end of the exhaust pipe of the oil pillow, so that the valve is always open and used to balance the gas pressure in the oil pillow.


      The main function of the humidifier is: when the gas in the oil cushion causes the pressure to be too high, the air in the oil pillow is discharged through the exhaust pipe and the moisture absorber. When the oil side of the oil cushion decreases, the pressure is reduced and the gas is inhaled through the humidifier and the exhaust pipe. At the same time, the humidifier also has the function of purifying the water vapor and impurities in the air, thus ensuring the quality of the insulating oil used in the inner circulation of the oil pillow.


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