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      What is the choice of oil immersed transformer

      Baoding oil-immersed transformer is one of the most widely used transformer equipments in the electric power industry. It is usually installed in a single transformer room. However, when the oil immersed transformer is chosen, it is not just a transformer that can meet the needs of users. It must be considered. So, what is the choice of oil immersed transformer? Please follow the baoding oil immersed transformer supplier.

      The following aspects should be considered when choosing the proper oil immersed transformer:


      1. Consider the load property


      1, a large number of primary or secondary load, should be installed two or more transformers, when any transformer is disconnected, the rest of the transformer capacity can meet the first class and second class load. The secondary load is as concentrated as possible, not too scattered.


      2. When the seasonal load capacity is large, special transformer should be installed. Such as air conditioning refrigerating machine load, heating load, etc.


      3. Special transformer should be installed when the concentrated load is larger. Such as large heating equipment, large X-ray machines, arc furnace and so on.


      4. The lighting special transformer can be set when the lighting load is larger or the power and lighting are used to seriously affect the lighting quality and the life of the bulb. In general, power and lighting common transformer.


      2. Different requirements for use of environment


      Under normal medium conditions, oil-immersed transformers or dry transformers can be selected, such as industrial and mining enterprises, agricultural independent or attached substations, and independent substations of small communities. The available transformers include S8, S9, S10, SC (B) 9, SC (B) 10, etc.


      3. Selection of power load and capacity