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      Confidential Knowledge about Complete-set Switchgear that You Don’t Know

      Confidential Knowledge about Complete-set Switchgear that You Don’t Know

      Complete sets of switchgear is an electrical equipment, the exterior line is firstly connected into the master control switch inside the switchgear, and then into the sub-control switch. Each branch is set according to their needs, such as instrument, automatic control, electromotor magnetic switch, all kinds of AC contactors etc. and some also set up complete-set switchgears of high-voltage room & low-voltage room and, setting high-voltage bus, such as power plants etc. and some also set the low-frequency Separation to protect the main equipment. The complete-set switchgear contains the combination of the components that all complete-set switchgears are involved in.

      Internal components include: bus (bus-bar), circuit breakers, conventional relays, integrated relay protection device, measuring instruments, isolation knife, indicator light, grounded knife etc.

      Structural Features of Switchgear

      1.The frame for MNS-type low-voltage complete-set switchgear cabinet is of combined structure, the basic skeleton is assembled from the C-type steel material. All the structural parts of the frame are galvanized and are firmly connected into the basic frame by self-tapping locking screws or 8.8 grade hex bolts, plus the doors, baffles, mounting brackets and bus functional units corresponding to the plan change requirement etc. which are assembled into the whole complete set of switchgear. The internal dimensions of the switchgear, the dimensions of the components and the size of the compartments vary according to the modulization(E = 25mm).
      2.Each cabinet of MNS-type modular low-voltage switchgear cabinet is divided into three rooms, i.e. the level bus room (in the back of the cabinet), drawer cabinet (in the front of the cabinet), cable room (under the cabinet or on the right before the cabinet). The steel plate or high-intensity flame-retardant plastic function plates are separated from each other between the rooms, the upper and lower drawers are separated by the metal plates with ventilation holes, which effectively prevent the switching element from flashover caused by failure or the accident caused by the short circuit between bus and other lines.
      3. The structure design for MNS-type low-voltage switchgear cabinet can meet the scheme requirements of all kinds of inlet and outlet lines, including upper inlet and upper outlet line, upper inlet and lower outlet line, lower inlet and upper outlet line, lower inlet and lower outlet line.
      4. Compact design: the smaller space can accommodate more functional units.
      5. The structural components, with strong versatility, flexible assembly, taking E = 25mm as modulus, the structure and extraction unit can be combined at will to meet the needs of system design.
      6. Busbar is protected by the plastic function board with high-intensity flame-retardant, high insulation strength, which has anti-fault electric arc performance, making the operation and maintenance safe and reliable.
      7. The mechanical interlock mechanism for all sizes of drawers meet the standard requirements. There are three obvious locations for connection, testing and separation, safe and reliable.
      8. Adopt the Standard modular design: respectively composed of the standard units, such as protection, operation, conversion, control, regulation, measurement, indication etc. and can be assembled randomly according to the requirements.
      9. Adopt the high-intensity flame-retardant engineering plastics, effectively strengthening the protective safety performance.
      10. High universality and standardization level, easy to assemble, reliable quality assurance.
      11. According to the different requirements of the working environment, the corresponding protection level can be selected to the cabinet.
      12. Continuity and reliability for the equipment protection.
      13. MNS3.0 maximum current-carrying capacity is 6300A, the impact short-circuit current endurance capacity for the main busbar is 220kA.