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      Differences between Transformer Guardrail and Traditional Barrier

      Isolation net, also known as fence netting transformer guardrail.
      1.The isolation net has a simple structure, the overall appearance is solid, light and beautiful, with rapid installation speed. 
      2.Factory production line, more secure product quality.
      3 The net frame adopts the most advanced hot dipping plastic coated technology and conduct anti-corrosion treatment, making it more beautiful and more durable.
      4. Maintenance free for its lifetime.
      5. The door on the site uses original push-pull structure, lightweight, flexible and durable.
      Transformer guardrail has good light transmission performance, light transmission rate reaches up to 88%. And in the outdoor environment, because the surface of the guardrail, with anti UV co-extruded layer, has the chemical bond to absorb the ultraviolet ray and converted to visible light, which has a good stabilizing effect on the plant photosynthesis, preventing the resin from fatigue and becoming yellow caused by the sun UV ray. Its advantages are that sun exposure, wind and rain will not induce yellowing, atomization, poor light transmission and so on.
      With the improvement of national quality, the requirements of life has become higher. In order to beautify the environment, to achieve harmony between man and nature, we have adopted a variety of landscape engineering, including PVC railings. The use of PVC railings for landscaping works can broaden horizons, reaching the purpose of looking at the environment, with many advantages, such as bright colors, do not fade in color, not brittle, smooth surface, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-static, non-cracking, becoming the boutique guardrail products with decorative effect. Used for the middle of the city roads. The clean spacious streets and bright and beautiful fences, with mutual reflect, build a beautiful landscape, add luster to our city, so that make our high-grade urban construction to a new level. The transformer fence is a kind of PVC fence, and a kind of indispensable guard bar in our life.
      When the power outage range is small, temporary transformer fence should surround the power outage equipment, leaving a entrance and exit, and erecting a signboard marked " being working here now!", The signboard marked "stop, danger! High voltage!" should be hung inward; When the power outage range is large, the fence should surround the live equipment and should be closed, it’s not allowed to leave the entrance, The signboard marked "stop, high voltage, danger!" should be hung outward. All signboards must be legible. The safety color, geometric figures and graphical symbols should be normative. The staff shall not move or remove the fence and signboards during the work; whether the high-voltage equipment is live or not, the person on duty shall not remove or work over the fence; if it is necessary to remove the fence, the guardian must be present; according with the requirement of the safety distance when the equipment is not powered off.